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Master the board

Carrom King is the virtual version of the famous board game Karrom, a South Asian version of billiards and pool. In this game, you will have to strategize and wish that luck is on your side as you aim for the queen puck. Carrom King has easy to understand mechanics and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

Win with the Queen

If you want to win in Carrom King, be mindful of where you will be flicking your puck. Striking and eliminating most of the chips on the board is one way to win but being able to bag the queen puck is the key to a sure victory. Just like in billiards, players will have to hit the other Carrom pieces on the board using a striker. There are 19 pucks that are divided into 3 colors. 2 of those represents each player’s team color and the other 1 left stands for the queen. At the beginning of the game, all of the pucks are grouped in the middle of the board with the queen puck placed at the very center of the bunch. Players are then supposed to strike and pocket pucks of their own color. As mentioned before, pocketing the queen piece should be a priority. Once you are able to bag the queen and pocket another Carrom piece of your color, you win the game! 

Aim and strike!

The sensitivity of the controls in Carrom King allows you to aim and strike properly. Unless you are distracted while playing the game, you will have no problems in hitting your targeted chip. With each pocketed piece, players earn coins that represent the number of points they are able to accumulate during the round. Carrom King has realistic 3D graphics that makes the gaming experience as close to life as possible. What’s more, is that you can enjoy playing by yourself as you go against the game’s AI. Of course, you can share the fun with your friends and family members by playing in Local Mode. It will be more challenging and exciting that way

Be the Carrom King!

Carrom King is a very enjoyable and relaxing game that you can play in your device anytime. The rules are simple and easy to follow that even children can have fun playing this game. If you are feeling confident with your skills, feel free to challenge others and keep track of your record through the game’s scoreboard. Carrom King may look boring at first but once you try playing, you will come to realize how fun flicking chips can be. 


  • Easy game mechanics
  • Different board designs
  • Sensitive controls
  • Realistic gameplay


  • Limited customization options
  • No player room invites
  • No zoom-in and zoom-out options


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Carrom King


Carrom King for Android


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